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Where Can I Play Wuthering Waves? - PC/Mac/Android/iOS

Where Can I Play Wuthering Waves? – (PC/Mac/Android/iOS)

Asking where can I play Wuthering Waves?


Well, the game is free for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android so in this guide we’ll walk you through obtaining it. The free new anime-styled blockbuster Wuthering Waves is coming to several PC platforms as well as adaptation for mobile devices. Keep reading to learn how to play Wuthering Waves, where the game is available, and the best optimization tips for error-free gameplay!


As of right now, Wuthering Waves is available for Android and iOS mobile through the Google Play and App Store. Wuthering Waves will also be available for PC through the Epic Games store or the Google Play Games computer platform.


Let’s proceed with the guide and review each possible method to play Wuthering Waves!

Where Can I Play Wuthering Waves? (Full Guide)

Tip: To download the game your gaming device must be connected to the internet!

1. Epic Games Launcher

For PC Only

The universal method for playing Wuthering Waves on PC is downloading and installing the Epic Games launcher. The game is completely free and can be added to your personal library through the “Store” section of the launcher, by finding it manually or by using the search field.


To begin the download, click on the game’s banner and wait until the progress bar reaches “100%” before test-launching the game.

The image shows how to download Wuthering Waves through the Epic Games launcher.

Note: Unoptimized in-game settings of Wuthering Waves’s PC version may lead to crashing!

2. Google Play Games

For PC Only

An alternative to downloading the Epic Games launcher is installing Wuthering Waves directly through the Google Play Games Store on your Windows PC. All you need to do is ensure you’re logged in with the correct Google account and click on the “Install” button to get Wuthering Waves.


After the application is installed, its icon will appear on your desktop and you will be able to launch and play Wuthering Waves as long as you’re logged in with the correct Google account. Remember that in order to play compatible games through the Google Play Games store, your PC must be added to the Google Play account.

The image shows how to play Wuthering Waves on PC through Google Play Games.

3. Google Play Store

For Android Only

You can download and play Wuthering Waves through the Google Play Store available on any Android device. The game’s official publisher is “KURO GAMES” with over a 4-start rating, so you should be able to recognize it  quickly after searching for “Wuthering Waves.”


If prompted, ensure to download the latest version of the application and create a free user account. Alternatively, you can create a free registration on Kuro’s official website after clicking “Sign Up.” Verify to include your personal email address as it will later be used for signing in within the app.

The image asnwers the question "Where can I play wuthering waves?" if you have an Android mobile.

4. App Store

For iOS Only

You can now download and play Wuthering Waves on your iPhone or iPad through the App Store. Like on the Google Play and Epic Games store, the game is completely free for download and does not require any micro-transaction for activation or whatsoever.

Simply launch the App Store and search for “Wuthering Waves” and the game will show as the first result. The original game published by Kuro should have over 1 million downloads and between 4 and 5-star rating. After the game is downloaded, you will be prompted to create a registration if you haven’t created one online yet.

The image visualizes where can I play Wuthering Waves, if you have an iOS mobile device.

Tip: We have covered solutions for Wuthering Waves mobile loading and launching issues!

5. BlueStacks

For PC/Mac Only

If you’re wondering how to play Wuthering Waves on Mac, you should consider downloading and installing the BlueStacks player on your Apple computer. It’s one of the best emulators available on the web, issuing a quick setup, error-free experience, and high-quality gameplay.

You can download and install the BlueStacks emulator on any desktop device and it will emulate a free version of a recent Android OS. Then, you will be able to access the Google Play Store and download the Android version of Wuthering Waves.

The image shows how to play games on almost any device, using the BlueStacks Emulator.

➡️Learn more about how to play Wuthering Waves on Mac!

Let’s Recap - Where Can I Play Wuthering Waves?

In conclusion, you can play Wuthering Waves completely for free on your Android, iOS, or PC device through Google Play, App Store or Google Play Games, respectively. Also, and can emulate the game via players such as BlueStacks to play it on macOS or Windows.

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