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About Us

About Us ✋

GameScopes Story

Our Story

It is a story of two partners with immersive game knowledge and expertise in troubleshooting various operating systems and issues with all gaming tech. We want to share this expertise through GameScopes and show you how easy it is to solve your gaming problems. Our story continues as our team grows and, most importantly, continues helping readers like you!

Our Scope

Our Scope

GameScopes combines all aspects of modern gaming, categorizing the content into three significant aspects: Games, Devices, and Guides on the latest gameplay improvements and technology. You can rely on us to deliver the latest and most groundbreaking news in the industry and solutions to issues with your games and equipment.

Our Vision

At GamesSopes, our vision is to convert your gaming hassles into an adventure, teaching you how easy it is to solve problems. We know that every gamer encounters obstacles when on a quest, so we strive to provide troubleshooting guides to any existing problems or issues that will ever exist.


GameScopes provides solutions everyone can understand, remember, and apply regardless of technical knowledge, expertise, and skill level. We’ve promised only to deliver accurate and researched content that will keep you informed about the latest game innovations, bug fixes, and neutral reviews.

Our Values


We are dedicated to delivering the best content with up-to-date information and covering all your favorite games from lag to victory. At GameScopes, we craft valuable guides for all games and gaming tech, dedicating our time to research only tested and proven solutions.


We are passionate about gaming, which is why our content is free. We strive to deliver everything in one place and stay ahead of our competitors. We’re here to help you battle bosses in games, not your frames per second. We aim for nothing less than perfection for your gaming experience, and to achieve this goal, we will go above and beyond to help you.



Our mission for GameScopes is to become a valuable resource for gamers they can trust to find the solution they need quickly. We want to dive deep into your gaming issues, cover the tip of the iceberg, and explore tested solutions that help.

Our Team

Our Team
Maxine Drake - Site Manager
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