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Privacy & Policy

Privacy & Policy 📄

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GameScopes values your privacy while gathering data for relative and personalized ad viewing. All information acquired from your visit to GameScopes will improve your user experience dramatically!


This Privacy Policy page gives users transparency on what type of data we gather and how it will be used. The information acquired from your visit will only be used through this website; no external websites or links will be associated.


You can access GameScopes at:

1. Data We Gather

1.1 Private Data

Upon visiting, we may acquire the following information about you:


  • Name: If you decide to partake in post commenting or subscribe for promotions or newsletters, we may acquire your name.


  • Email: If you wish to be involved with GameScopes, we will use your email to send you updates, relative notifications, and newsletter posts.


  • Username: If you choose to join GameScopes via registration, we will acquire your username.


  • IP address: We automatically acquire your public IP address upon visiting GameScopes for security purposes.

1.2 Private Data

Aside from personal information, we may also collect the following upon your visit to GameScopes:


  • The Browser Type: Details about the version and type of your browser application.

  • Operating System: Scarce details about your configuration and the type.

  • The Pages Viewed: The specific pages and destinations you visit at

  • The Visit Duration: The time you’ve spent viewing a specific GameScopes page.

  • Click-Through Rate: Details on how you’ve interacted with our content at GameScopes.

2. How We Use Data

2.1 User Interface

We use the acquired data to enhance the interface of GameScopes, improve the accessibility of our content, and provide the user with a pleasant and quick experience. Every bit of acquired data is pieced with the existing GameScopes interface to provide a better user experience!

2.2 Interaction

We may use some of the acquired data, such as our subscribers’ email addresses, to send newsletters, promotions, or other updates about GameScopes. Interaction plays a significant role in improving user experience and quality of life within GameScopes, so any available information will enhance each aspect.

2.3 Questions

The supplied information may also be used within contact forms, comments, questions, relations with GameScopes, or if you decide to partake in the GameScopes community via commenting.

3. Tracking & Cookies

Cookies and other tracking technologies are used in GameScopes to customize and personalize your experience to the fullest. By agreeing to our consent, you’re allowing us to collect the necessary data to make your next visit even more pleasant and accessible than the current one!

4. Links to Other Sites

Links to external services, such as other websites or retailers, can be found within our site, GameScopes. Remain advised that we have no control over the privacy policy, Terms of Service (ToS), or the content within those external sources.

It is strongly advisable to review the policy of those external sources before supplying your personal data or agreeing with any of the communications.

5. User's Safety

User Security remains at the top of our priority list at We take all the necessary precautions to guard our users against disclosure, unauthorized access, or removing any personal data, wanted or unwanted.

Although we do everything possible to protect you, be advised that transferring any form of information on the internet may not be 100% secure at all times. It is best to take your own measures to guard your web and local interface against network malware.

Changes to the Privacy Statement at are applied consistently in reflection of the changes we apply and the actions we undertake. Our expert moderators team handles the updates and will be included minutes after the event, notice, or privacy update is accepted.

6. Choises & Rights

6.1 Disabling

It is your rightful choice not to receive any of the promotions, newsletters, or subscriber perks offered at GameScopes. You can achieve cancellation of already active services, deny further communications, or reject personal data allowances by contacting us directly at or by following the unsubscribe instructions in the communication.

6.2 Accuracy

You will be entitled to full access and viewing of the information gathered about you and your public or personal data at GameScopes with a simple email at We’ll always answer your concerns, requests, and queries adequately, provide detailed answers, and sympathize with all of your choices concerning GameScopes.

6.3 Contacts

If you have any questions about GameScopes, reach us at and you will be connected with one of our support agents. Our email is also used for business communications, affiliate marketing, deals, and promotions of third-party offers.

We appreciate you taking the time to read Gamescopes’ privacy policy!

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