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Complete Review of Sony's latest VR headset release - the PlayStation VR Headset 2. An overview of the headset's performance, technical capabilities and game/movie compatibilities will be thoroughly investigated throughout this guide!

Sony PlayStation VR2 Review – Supported Games & Specs

Are you looking for a complete PlayStation VR2 review, keep reading further!


The Sony PlayStation VR2 headset is surely the most impressive VR headset you can buy with its remarkable gaming experience. VR gamers worldwide consider this as the next generation of virtual reality but many have asked the question, is it really worth the purchase?


The answer to that question could be short and simple, however, to completely understand if the product is worth the price, you need to get a better understanding of how the PSVR2 operates. This is where this PlayStation VR2 review comes in to help you answer most of your questions. 


The Sony Playstation VR2 is one of the best VR headsets you can find on the market, its specifications make the gaming experience like no other. The device is supported among all PlayStation VR games, but it isn’t compatible with PC and Xbox games. 


Let’s learn more about the PlayStation VR2!

What Games Are Available for PlayStation VR2?

To spice up our PlayStation VR2 review, let’s check the games avalaible!


There are 52 games available for the PSVR2 headset, which can be found in the “PlayStation Store”. So, let’s review the list containing the most popular titles among all the games that you can access with your virtual reality headset. 


  • Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge

  • Firewall Ultra

  • Horizon Call of the Mountain

  • Sony Creed Rise to Glory

  • Beat Saber

  • Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord

  • Resident Evil Village

  • Gran Turismo 7

  • Jurassic World Aftermath Collection


To sum up the answer to what games are compatible with PlayStation VR2, we need to look at the advantages and the disadvantages of the game library the high-end device has access to. 

PlayStation VR2 Review - Can I Watch Movies?

It is indeed possible to stream movies on on your PlayStation VR2, as long as you have the necessary streaming platform installed.

The VR headset is mostly used for gaming as it’s made not only for experiencing a new virtual world but for interacting with it as well. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot use the VR2 to watch movies on Netflix, Hulu, Disney, etc., because you CAN. 


As long as you’re watching the content from the PS5 application installed on your PS5 and the VR2 is connected to it via the USB-C cable, you’ll be able to watch movies. The only thing you need to do is install “PS4 Media Player” which will make the movie be played on the VR2.

What are the Advantages of the PSVR2 Library?

The Sony PlayStation VR2 headset has a library of very popular VR games, with collaborations with developers who are known for making entertaining games. The PSVR2 also has access to PlayStation-exclusive games and can be played on the VR2 like Grand Turismo 7.

What are the Disadvantages of the PSVR2 Library?

The high-end VR headset has a limited list of VR games, even if you upgrade from PSVR to PSVR2 you have to update each game that you want to play to the new software to play it. The VR2 can access games only available for PS5 and no other platform.

What are the Specifications of the PlayStation VR2?

The specifications of your PSVR2 are compatible with high-quality gaming content as well as detailed, error-free online streaming!

The Sony PlayStation VR2 headset is mainly focused on improving the gameplay rather than the software and the variety of games. The advanced technology, hardware, and features make the virtual reality experience as close as it can be to a real 3D world.

What’s in the Sony PlayStation VR2 Box?

The PSVR2 contains two devices: the main headset and two sens controllers which have built-in cameras, eye tracking, adaptive triggers, etc. Along with that, Sony provides two USB cords one that must be connected to the headset and the other for recharging the controllers.

Note: There are also wired earbuds which are optional as you can use your TV for audio.


Sony PlayStation VR2 Headset Specifications


OLED matrix


2000 x 2040 per eye

Panel Refresh Rate

90Hz – 120Hz

Lens Separation


Field of View

~110 degrees


Motion sensor- six-axis system

Attachment sensor- IR proximity sensor


4 embedded cameras for movement tracking

IR camera for eye tracking (each eye)

Feed Back 

Vibration on headset

Communication with PS5

USB-C cable (must be connected at all times)


Input – Built-in microphone

Output – Stereo headphone jack

The PSVR2 comes with some incredible new features and technologies, which make a difference not only in the price but also in the gaming experience. The headset’s main target is to offer a virtual simulation as realistic as possible to the real world.

Sony PlayStation VR2 Sense Controller Specifications


Right – PS button, Options button, Circle, Cross, R1, R2, R3

Left – PS button, Create button, Triangle, Square, L1, L2, L3



Motion sensor – six-axis motion system

Capacitive sensor – finger touch detection

IR LED – positioning tracking


Trigger effect (on L2, R2)

Haptic feedback 




Bluetooth Ver5.1


Built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery

Eye Tracking

The 3D headset’s best feature is eye tracking, with its advanced technology the goggles can track the movement of your eyes very precisely. It also provides better gameplay for specific games and it creates opportunities for game developers to make better use of it in their games.


That can be used as an advantage in some specific games such as Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR.

4K Resolution

The Video quality is very important when it comes to the Playstation VR2 review, with its OLED matrix, 2000 x 2040 per eye 4K resolution, and 120Hz frame rate you may have a hard time making a difference between the video game and the real world! 

High Dynamic Range

High-Dynamic Range or HDR is known for its improvement in the color palette of the video. It provides better brightness, colorfulness, contrast, and gamma. The enhanced depth and realism of the video make the scenes more detailed and realistic.  


However, the HDR needs to be enabled through the “Settings” menu of the PS5. Follow the quick steps below to learn how to activate the HDR technology on your PSVR2.


Here’s how to activate HDR through the settings of the PS5:


  1. First, access the “Settings” menu on your PS5 console.

  2. Navigate to “Accessories” then click “PlayStation VR2.”

  3. Next, select the “Cinematic Mode” option on the screen. 

  4. Tap on the “Video Output for Cinematic Mode” option.

  5. Finally, toggle the High-Dynamic Range Output to ON. 

Tip: We recommend rebooting your PlayStation VR2 when ready!

Field of View

The very high degree FOV that the VR2 headset provides is an upgrade to the old PSVR which had a slightly lower field of view. The PSVR2 has a 110-degree viewing angle, which makes the screen door effect barely noticeable in certain scenes during your gameplay. 


  • Screen Door Effect: when you can see tiny gaps between the pixels on the screen

Can PlayStation VR2 Work on PC?

The PSVR2 is indeed compatible and can be connected with your personal computer or compatible laptop.

The Sony PlayStation VR2 is manufactured only for it to be used on the PS5 console. Any other device will not detect the VR headset as a controlling device. In other words, if you plug the goggles or the controllers into your PC, it will only start charging them without further response.


So, the simple answer to can the PlayStation VR2 be used on PC is NO, it cannot be used on a PC as it won’t detect the device as one that can control the gameplay when you’re in a game. It can be used only to charge the VR2 controllers when they require a battery recharge. 

Why Can’t the PSVR2 Work on PC?

The system PSVR2 requires very specific hardware configuration and additional hardware drivers to function properly on a device. So, let’s review the organized list of requirements of the PSVR2 in order to effectively operate on your personal computer. 


Here are the hardware requirements for the PC:


  • AMD Ryzen 5000-series or newer

  • Nvidia RTX 20 series or newer

  • Video Interface DisplayPort 1.4 

  • Display Steam Compression 1.1


Sony hasn’t made any major software blocks to the system to prevent it from connecting to the PC system, however, with new updates coming to the PSVR2, they can accidentally allow the VR headset to connect with the PC any time soon, but these are just speculations. 


This is almost everything about the PlayStation VR2 review, and there is one more thing to check!

Where Can I Buy PlayStation VR2?

The Sony PlayStation VR2 can be found in all tech stores and tech-selling websites such as the official PlayStation Store, Amazon, Best Buy, etc. Its availability hasn’t changed even with the slow start in sales, the price also hasn’t experienced a drop from the normal price of $599.99.


Here’s where you can buy the PSVR2:



The VR headset offers a lot in the quality of the gaming experience but it doesn’t offer enough exclusive games that can be played only on the PSVR2. The compatibility with the older PSVR software is also a disadvantage as you must upgrade the older games to play them on the headset.


Now that we know all of this, it’s time to wrap up tis PlayStation VR2 review!

Final Thoughts

The final thoughts on the PlayStation VR2 review are that the VR headset is one of the best on the market right now. It provides comfort and a sensational gaming experience, however, its game library is very limited and you can only use it on a PS5 console.

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